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Case Studies


One automotive manufacturer was able to achieve 13 months of continuous production prior to any rework on the Pegasus Thermal Control MX-Style Sleeve. The casting rate was 1245 lbs/hr. This occurred on 16 machines for several years. The shot sleeve also had a sweeping runner cut into it's mouth. Overall shot end tooling costs once the Pegasus Shot Sleeve was implemented were dropped by almost 50%. Each of the sleeves used incorporated the patented Pegasus Insert Technology. This allowed them to use the same sleeve for years of production.

A die caster in Wisconsin reports consistently over 300,000 shots prior to having the sleeve re-lined utilizing our Insert Technology.  They have sleeves that have been in service for as long as 12 years.



An outdoor lawn equipment manufacturer was able to achieve 80,000 shots on a 4-1/2" diameter Pegasus Steel Piston. The shot weight was over 30 lbs. The Pegasus Steel Piston was used exclusively with the Pegasus Thermal Control MX-Style Shot Sleeve. This sleeve utilized our die end water cooling cell which help eliminate die end sleeve distortion and lamination as well as helping to solidify the biscuit region.

A job shop die caster was able to achieve 85,000 shots on a smaller application using lower velocity and solid bead product on a 600 ton application. The plunger tip diameter was 2.5" dia.

Running at over 2500 lbs per hour an automotive die caster is able to achieve 15,000 shots per tip consistently on a preventative maintenance schedule.  Plunger tip is 138mm and 148mm diameter.

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