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Die Cast Tooling

Pegasus Industries can supply custom made to order shot end tooling or provide you with solution based shot end tools that integrate our patented Thermal Control Technology. Request a Quote

High Pressure Die Casting Shot End Tooling

Pegasus Industries has been proud to be on the cutting edge of die cast tooling design and manufacturing over the last 30 years. As a leading manufacturer of cold chamber shot end tooling Pegasus supplies all tonnage ranges and all types of casting applications. These include Aluminum, Magnesium, Squeeze Casting, Semi-Solid, Slurry on Demand and many more. Pegasus has a solution for each casting application - from the simplest shot sleeve to our patented MX-Style Composite Construction Shot Sleeve.

Miscellaneous HPDC Tooling

Pegasus Industries began engineering solutions to hot chamber die cast tooling problems as early as 1980. These successes launched Pegasus Industries into cold chamber die casting as well. Whether our customers require simple manufacturing of nozzles to print or need a thermal control cost savings solution to costly tooling failures - Pegasus has the answer.

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